Are you ready for your next adventure? At UniNow, you'll find plenty of creative freedom, smart teamwork and, of course, great benefits.

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Our Benefits

That's what you have to look forward to:

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Team Spirit

Community is very important to us. Even after the work is done. When we cook, eat or celebrate together, we look back on what we have achieved.

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With the UniNow Coins you receive tax-free meal vouchers that you can use for your meals. A coffee and beverage flat rate is also included, of course!

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Flexible working hours

A healthy work-life balance is very important, which is why we have flexible working hours. In addition, you can work in a home office or wherever you want.

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Central office at the Elbe River

We have two modern loft offices in Magdeburg Buckau, a young and lively district with a rich cultural life.

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Open corporate culture

With us you will find an open corporate culture, room for your personality and a lot of personal responsibility.

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Job bike

With our Corporate Benefits, we offer you services and products at discounted rates, including Bikeleasing.

Office life

Get a little insight into our working world

UniNow Meet Up
Team breakfast
UniNow kitchen
Meeting Campus
UniNow Meet Up
Meeting room
UniNow Meet Up

Our corporate culture

Our values are our guardrails. They show us in our daily work how we want to work with each other and how we want to treat ourselves.

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Passionate about what we do

We live our vision, culture and responsibility. We firmly believe that working as a passionate team makes us more productive.
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Committed to our Responsibilities

We gladly assume responsibility and always fulfill it conscientiously. We are reliable in our statements.

Focuses and never give up

We finish what we start and are not afraid to go the "extra mile". We are always focused and disciplined. We strive to be the best at what we do.
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Smart and never stop learning

We work smart and always look for the most efficient way. Before solving problems, we are curious and look for solutions and if we don't find one, we create one.
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We are respectful with our teammates and partners. We adhere to our processes and respect our cultural values. We share our knowledge with our team members to achieve greater success.
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We are sincere, open and honest with our teammates and partners. We thus preserve the authenticity and integrity of the corporate culture.
UniNow Meet Up

Get to know us better at our monthly Tech Meet Ups. The meetings are intended to promote the exchange between developers in the region of Magdeburg and to strengthen the network. All information about our Tech Meet Ups, exciting blog posts and everything about our tech stack can be found at

Where do you see yourself with us?

Application process

Step by step to your new dream job!

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Your application

You apply to us on your own initiative or for an advertised position. We are more interested in the content of your career to date that will make you successful in this role than in degrees or certificates.

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First call

An initial 30-minute call with your future lead link provides an opportunity to get to know each other (remotely).

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Get to know each other in person

You convinced us in the first interview? Then let's get to know each other personally and you can see our office from the inside. What counts here is not so much the question of your previous career, but rather the fact of whether your values are in line with ours in terms of your statements and actions.

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Our desicion

It fits and you've infected us with your motivation - now we'll send you the employment contract by mail or e-mail. Take a few days and check it - if you have any questions, we'll be happy to answer them.

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Your desicion for UniNow

We are happy that you are now a part of UniNow and welcome you!

Sounds like your job?

Then simply contact us by phone or e-mail and we will arrange an appointment to get to know each other.

Phone number

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